ICSI new course shall be applicable from March 2023 for CS Executive & from September 2023 for CS Professional. But the ongoing course shall also be carried forward simultaneously till notification.
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CS Executive Module 1 Company Laws

In the view of enhancing the emphasis on adherence to norms of good corporate governance, Company Law assumes added importance in the corporate legislative milieu, as this deals with the specific structure, management, administration & conduct of affairs of the Companies. Paper on this

Company Law is divided into three parts:- Part I deals with Company Law, Principles and Concepts, Part II deals with the Company Administration & Meetings – Law & Practices & Part III deals with the Company Secretary as the Profession. CS Executive Module 1 Company Laws Video Classes are also helpful for a successful career.


This study material is also published to aid the candidates in making this paper on the Company Law for Executive Programme. This is part of the educational kit & takes the candidates step by step through every phase of making, emphasizing key concepts, principles, pointers & procedures.

Company Secretaryship being a professional course, examination standards are set very high, focusing on the knowledge of concepts, their application, procedures & case laws, for which sole reliance on the contents of this study material can not be enough. This study material can, therefore, be regarded as the primary material & must be read along with some Bare Acts, Rules, Regulations, and Case Law. You can also avail the  CS Executive Module 1 Company Laws Pendrive Classes.


  • Introduction of the company Law: Jurisprudence of the company law, Nature, meaning, specific features of the Company, Judicial acceptance of Company as the separate legal entity, the concept of the corporate veil, Applicability of the companies Act, definitions & the key concepts.

  • Share & share capital: Meaning & kinds of capital, the concept of problem & allotment, issue of share certificates, further issue of share capital, issue of shares on private & preferential basis, the proper issue & the bonus shares, the sweat equity shares & ESOPs, issue & redemption of preference shares, transfer & the transmission of safety, the buyback of securities, dematerialization & rematerialization of shares, reduction of the share capital. Company Laws Online Video Classes For CS Executive Module 1 benefit the candidates.

  • Members & the shareholders: How to become a member, Register of members, the declaration of the beneficial interest, the rectification of the Register to the Members: the rights of Members: the variation of the right of shareholders.

  • Debt Capital & Deposits: Issue & redemption of the Debentures & Bonds; the creation of safety; Debenture redemption reserve; debenture trust deed; the conversion of debentures into shares; Overview of the Company Deposits.

  • Charges: The creation of the charges, the Registration, Modification & satisfaction of the charges, the Register of charges, and the Inspection of charges. You can take the help of Company Laws Online Lectures by CS Vishhal Arorah For CS Executive Module 1

  • Distribution of profits- Dividend: The profit & the Ascertainment of Divisible profits, The declaration & payment of dividend, the unpaid dividend account, the investor's education & the protection fund.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: The Applicability of the CSR, kinds of the CSR Activities, the CSR committee & expenditure. The Net profit for the CSR, reporting needs.


CS Video Classes - The Best Ever

The Company is the legal entity permitted by the legislation that allows a group of people, as the shareholders, to apply to these regulators for the independent organization to be made, focusing on pursuing the set objectives. And empowered with some legal rights usually reserved for every individual, such as to sue and be sued, own property, hire employees, or loan & borrow money.

These specific distinct fundamental legal features & the characteristics of the Company make this more advantageous over other forms of business such as the sole proprietorship, Hindu undivided family, partnership, the Limited Liability Partnership, etc. The Lesson provides insight into the distinct features of the Company & advantages otherwise. CL Video Classes by CS Vishhal Arorah are extremely helpful to the candidates to clear the concept.