ICSI new course shall be applicable from March 2023 for CS Executive & from September 2023 for CS Professional. But the ongoing course shall also be carried forward simultaneously till notification.
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CS Executive Module 1 Tax Laws

It is known that the subject of Taxation itself is veritably complicated by its nature and a lot of vittles involved. The complications are further enhanced due to its nonstop refinement, amendments, and changes, which are veritably frequently brought about by regulations. 


The Government releases these regulations occasionally to boost frugality, increase profit, lower tax burden at the consumer end, etc. But all these complications don't make this subject insignificant or ineluctable from a literacy perspective. 


Considering all the significance that that subject holds for any professional pupil, this subject has become one of the most important subjects for the CS Executive examination. It's the fourth subject of the Mo 1 of CS Executive and can provide more information from CS Executive Module 1- Tax Laws Video Classes. As we know that CS Executive is the alternate stage of the professional course of Company Secretary. The administrative stage is principally designed to teach the chops and capability of the superintendent program passed scholars. 


Objective introducing this subject in the CS Executive course:


In the present time, taxation isn't just a means of transferring plutocrats to the government to spend it for meeting public expenditures or raising the government. Levies have come beside that as a tool for progress and wealth in society. It also serves as a means of profitable development and plays a significant part in the stabilization of income. Taxation assists in changing results to the profitable problems a country faces, like severance, affectation, and depression. Countries practice sovereignty authority upon their citizens through their rough levying of levies. 


 The reason for the addition of this important subject in the class is to conduct abstract understanding to the scholars regarding vittles of directives and circular levies. The importance of this subject is mentioned in CS Executive Module 1- Tax Laws Pendrive Classes. 

To give working knowledge on practical operation action of Direct duty Laws and 

 To give abstract knowledge of GST with practical operation action of GST Laws 


 Strategy for Preparation: 


  • Understanding the conditions of the subject- First, the scholars should understand the demand of the paper and subject completely. 


  • Dynamic subject- At the same time, the pupil needs to flash back the flashback to a static subject like accounts or to go; instead, it involves a lot of dynamic rudiments because the provision keeps changing from time to time. The Government releases every time the Finance Act every month of Fgs, and many changes are made.


  • Relate recent case laws: While preparing for the examination for n, the pupil is needed to relate applicable and important recent exemplifications from current affairs passing in and around business, and more case studies about business are available at Tax Laws Online Video Classes For CS Executive Module 1.


  • Working Practice- A lot of practice is needed for trying and clearing this paper as this paper. It's recommended that a pupil should exercise as many problems as possible. 


  • Regular Updation- Update yourself with Tax Laws Online Lectures by CA Sachin Gupta For CS Executive Module 1 about all the applicable leaflets, interpretations, announcements, etc., issued by the CBDT, CBEC & Central Government on or before six months before the date of the separate examinations. 


  • Abecedarian motifs of the subject- Last but not least, scholars need to be apprehensive of the fundamentals and crucial vittles, amendments to the Acts, Powers, features, and functions of the vittles of the acts, especially before the examination. 


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Apart from all the strategies for preparing, a student can also make one framework for preparing and studying this topic, chapter-wise, with the assistants of Tax Law Video Classes by CA Sachin Gupta.