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CS Executive Module 2 Economics, Business, and Commercial Laws

In the particular light of the development, this study material has also been made to understand some specific economic, commercial & business legislations that directly affect the particular functioning of the companies. This study material also has been divided into three parts consisting of 24 study lessons. The part I broke with the foreign exchange management and the NBFC consists of the study lesson 1 to 11. In contrast, the part dealing with the competition law on the 5th of the study lesson 12 and part 3 dealing with the business and the commercials of the study lessons 13 to 15. Economics, Business and Commercial Laws Online Lectures by CS Pankaj Kumar For CS Executive Module 2 are essential to this topic. With the help of this, every candidate can easily clear their concept.


The specific study material has been published by 28 candidates preparing for the economics, business & commercial law papers of the CS executive program. Attending CS Executive Module 2 Economics, Business, and Commercial Laws Video Classes is essential to know the details about this.


● Reserve Bank of India ( Act) 1934: the central banking functions, penalties, and monetary policy.

●      Foreign exchange management act: a basic introduction

●      Foreign exchange transaction and compliances: capital and current account transactions, acquisition and the transfer of immovable property, realization & the repatriation of the foreign exchange, avoid information on other FEMA regulations.

●      Foreign contribution act: Introduction & the object, the eligible contributor, eligible receiver, Penalties & the Offences.

●      Foreign direct investment- the regulation and the FDI policy: automatic and the approval root of these FDI setting up of subsidiary or joint venture or the Liaison office or the branch office of the nonresidence, the Foreign portfolio investments.

●      Overseas direct investment: The ODI policy sets up the joint venture subsidiary of the Branch office. CS Executive Module 2 Economics, Business, and Commercial Laws Pendrive Classes can give you the complete details on this topic.


●      Liberalized remittance scheme: the investment outside India by the Indian residents.

●      The external commercial borrowings: the overview

●      Foreign trade policy and procedure: merchandise exports from the Indian scheme and the service exports from the Indian scheme, duty exemptions are the remission schemes, the export-oriented units, the Electronics hardware technology parks, software technology parks, the Biotechnology parks. Imports and the related policies.

●      Banking-finance companies: Types, the definitions, the requirement not the registration as the NBFC & the exemptions from the registration as the NBFC, the microfinance institutions, the activities not the NBFCs, accepting the NBFCs, the deemed NBFC, the core investment company & systemically important core investment companies, the peer to peer lending, the defaults, prosecutions, adjudication & the penalties. Economics, Business, and Commercial Laws Online Video Classes For CS Executive Module 2 are trendy among the candidates.


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The management of foreign exchange is very much essential in modern-day business. The FEMA is the regulatory mechanism that enables the Reserve bank of India to pass the regulations & the central government or pass the roles relating to the foreign exchange in tune with the foreign tree policy. These acts are very transparent in applying this as this lays down the locations needing the particular permissions of the Reserve bank on the acquisition or holding of the foreign exchange. EBCL Video Classes by CS Pankaj Kumar are extremely helpful in knowing the details about this subject. If you are willing to get a good outcome, you can attend the above-mentioned video classes to know more details about this,