ICSI new course shall be applicable from March 2023 for CS Executive & from September 2023 for CS Professional. But the ongoing course shall also be carried forward simultaneously till notification.
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CS Professional Module 3 Intellectual Property Rights - Law and Practice

The importance of Intellectual property is well established at every level- statutory, administrative & judicial. This particular paper is also designed to provide the expert knowledge to acquire the advanced knowledge of law & practices relating to intellectual property. 

This paper covers multiple laws relating to Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications, Copyright, Protection of Trade Secrets, Key business concerns in Commercializing Intellectual Property Rights, management & the valuation of Intellectual property & some recent trends & the development, etc.


As a result, this subject is offered the most priority at that basic level.


CS Professional Module 3 Intellectual Property Rights - Law and Practice Video Classes are very effective in getting a bright career. Since these company secretaries are expected to manage a wide range of responsibilities, there are various levels of subjects & courses provided to make the potential candidates organically. The Intellectual Property Rights - Law and Practice Online Video Classes For CS Professional Module 3 is essential in this subject.


 The various levels of this CE Professional subjects provided are:

●      The foundation course: These courses are structured to deliver the basic knowledge and the needed skill. This particular level is also compulsory for potential candidates as it is the first step in pursuing a career as a company secretary. 

●      The executive program: this program starts with the completion of a foundation course & admission to this course is delivered best on the performance in an earlier program. written exams and group discussions are held to determine the merit of the potential candidates for this particular program.

●      The professional program: the specific level is also considered the toughest one. This is the final stage of studies for future company secretaries. The subjects are complex and generally divided into three modules, with the third module providing two core subjects & one elective. 


The new syllabus of this CS professional subjects

Having discussed different levels of CS education, let's check the different CS professional subjects of the old & new syllabi. Let's take into consideration the new syllabus of this CS Professional Module 3 Intellectual Property Rights - Law and Practice Pendrive Classes


Module 1 ( 3 papers)

● The advanced tax loss

● Pleading, drafting & appearances

● Risk management, Governance, Ethics & compliances

Module 2 ( 3 papers)

● Corporate restructuring

● The resolution of the corporate disputes

● The secretarial audit

Modul three ( 3 papers)

● Corporate funding and listings in stock exchanges

● The multidisciplinary case research

● The elective


The list of these elective subjects are- 

● Intellectual Property Rights – Laws & Practice

● Insolvency – Law & Practice

● Direct Tax Law and Practice

● Valuations and Business Modelling

● Labour Laws and the Practice

● The Insurance Law & Practice

● The Banking Law & Practice

● The Forensic Audit


The syllabus of this CS professional subjects:

This professional program generally lasts for 15 months. Other different types of specializations of the training candidate for the particular job roles. This professional program covers nine papers that come under the three modules. When various institutes have differently named subjects or even related the subject, generally, these CS proportional subjects include:


Subjects in module one

● The secretarial audit, due diligence, and compliance management

● Advance company law & Practice

● The corporate restructuring, the valuation & the insolvency.

Subjects in module two

● Governance & Sustainability, Ethics

● Treasury, Forex & Financial management

● Information technology and the system audit


These CS professional subjects equip the young students as experts. Candidates begin right after the completion of the courses. Intellectual Property Rights - Law and Practice Online Lectures by CS Pankaj Kumar For CS Professional Module 3 can give you complete information about this subject.


What is this all about? 

Considered among the most costly members of these organizations, and the company secretaries are also responsible for the effective administration of the particular company. They act as the essential link between the multiple stakeholders, the government, the regulatory authorities, and the members of the organization's board. Also, they're very much responsible for endorsing the legal needs, communicating with various officials and maintaining records, responding to correspondences of that particular board, etc.


Leading Classes at CS Video Classes:

Being an in-house legal expert, the specialist in the corporate laws, security laws, corporate governance, and capital market & a company secretary's job profile needs particular skills and an ample amount of knowledge. So different CS professional subjects train individuals to become professionals. IPR Video Classes by CS Pankaj Kumar are highly recommended to get the concept Clear.