ICSI new course shall be applicable from March 2023 for CS Executive & from September 2023 for CS Professional. But the ongoing course shall also be carried forward simultaneously till notification.
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CS Professional Module 3 Labour - Law and Practice

This CS is- Professional exam for those particular candidates who have passed this executive program & have enrolled for this professional stage. This professional-level generally comprises three modules with three papers in every module. The ninth paper in this particular module is the elective paper that a candidate has to select based on their enrolment & the examination for that same also would be of the open book format. Also, you can take part in online CS Professional Module 3 Labour - Law and Practice Pendrive Classes.


The candidate is free to attempt every three modules in 1 window, either during June or December, or to attempt 1 module in every exam window.

Here are some specific details on clearing paper seven of module three:

● This paper Generally aims to deliver particular knowledge on multiple finance options available to corporates & the features of them & multiple legal compliances & aspects & the listing of the stock exchange.

● This is provided in part- A on the corporate funding that makes sixty marks of the paper and part B on listing for forty marks.

● There are fourteen chapters in total, with nine chapters in corporate funding & five chapters under the listing.

● This has been prepared to make the best use of online resources available for this paper. 

●Many CS Professional Module 3 Labour - Law and Practice Video Classes are available online.

● Compared to the previous syllabus, the search and new definitions have also been included in the new syllabus like 'Draft Letter of the offer,' 'Rationale,' & ' Draft Offer Document.' so this is very much essential to keep track of the changes for those particular candidates. They have switched over from an old to a new syllabus.


How can you clear all the electric papers on this subject?

These elective papers are of the open book exam pattern. It is to induce creative thinking, analytical thinking & problem-solving ability among the candidates rather than just the reproduction of specific facts from the memory. Labour - Law and Practice Online Video Classes For CS Professional Module 3 is also very famous now.


Banking- Law and Practice

● This paper aims to deliver knowledge best on the particular aspects of the banking sector.

● This is suitable for those searching for a career in the banking industry.

● Also, there are 20 chapters & so these students have the initial idea of where the essential topics lie. It helps during the examination as this is an open book 



Insurance- law, and practice

● This paper is also suitable for those aspiring / know about the insurance

● The excellent reading of the essential course materials is also mandatory.

● Practice as many questions from previous years as much as possible.

● Keep this in your y that this being the open book pattern, this does not need the candidate to memorize the particular texts. Instead, understanding & reading the particular topics thoroughly is needed.


Intellectual property rights: Laws and practices

● This paper also deals with Laws and relations regarding intellectual property rights & an overview of the global practices. 


 Intellectual Property Rights - Laws &  Practices

● This paper deals with the laws and relations the Intellectual Property Rights in India and provides an overview of global practices.

● This has eighteen chapters according to the syllabus, case studies & practical questions.

● As suggested for the previous papers, this needs the student only to have a good understanding of these topics & also should be able to apply the particular concepts according to these questions.


Forensic Audit

● This paper delivers the knowledge base on corporate fraud & Forensic Audits and legal provisions to deal with those.

● This has six chapters in all & some specific case studies & a few practical-based questions. Labour - Law and Practice Online Lectures by CS Pankaj Kumar For CS Professional Module 3 is beneficial in clearing the concept.


Get In Touch With Experts at CS Video Classes:

This paper is divided into two parts- part 1 on valuation, which carries 70 marks, and part 2 on business modeling, which carries 30 marks in the examination. There are 12 chapters in valuation & two chapters in business modeling. The candidate suits not neglect the business modeling part though this carries less weightage in the mark. LLP Video Classes by CS Pankaj Kumar will guide you properly.