The Institute has decided that the examinations for Foundation, Executive and Professional scheduled to be held from 1st June 2021 stand postponed. The Examination Schedule, depending upon the situation of pandemic.
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CS is both a tough and lucrative field. It's a high-ranking post. Typically, company secretaries are assigned to key managerial or administrative positions. Opportunities exist in both the private and public sectors for them. Now we will discuss the admission process.

Company Secretary Admissions Process:

Foundation Program:

• If you wish to sit for the CS Foundation exam in December, you need to apply in March of the same year and you can take the help of CS Video Classes.

• If you are taking the CS Foundation Video Classes & wish to take the exam in June, you must apply by September of the prior year.

• Candidates who registered for the executive program before May are eligible to take any module of the executive test in December. Students who registered before November will take one of the programs in June of the following year and for this you can take help of CS Professional Video Classes.

• If you register before February of the same year, you can take both modules of the Executive test in December.

• If you want to take the modules in June, you must apply for the executive program by August of the previous year at the latest.

Professional Program: 

If you want to take all of the Professional test modules in December, you must register by the end of February the following year and you have to take CS Video Classes.

• If you want to take all of the modules in June, you must apply by the end of August the preceding year.

• If you apply by the end of May the same year, you can sit for single modules of the CS examinations in December.

• If you apply before the end of November the preceding year, you can also take the single modules in June.So, you can start the preparation through CS Professional Video Classes.

What are the prospects for a career after completing CS?

A CS is a highly qualified position with a competence that requires you to be well-versed in company rules and governance. It also implies that you are knowledgeable about corporate governance and how to lead the organization to a high-functioning state. They also know a lot about the Companies Act and other things.

As a result, many businesses, whether private or public, require a CS to work with them. Many firms, including law companies, consultancies, corporate houses, MNCs, industrial firms, and others, hire them. On an average basis, they are offered a salary of roughly Rs 3-5 lakhs. So don’t waste your time start preparation with CS Foundation Video Classes.

CS Video Classes – One Stop Destination for CS Course:

Preparing for CS is not a cakewalk, and one does require the assistance of proper CS Professional Video Classes. CS Video Classes is considered to be one of the best online websites for preparing students for CS.

CS Video Classes has a large pool of CS experts, who are themselves rank CS rank holders and have had a very successful past record in the past.